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The Hydrangea Collection

Posted by hesmarieH on

A dedication to a strong, beautiful and inspiring mother.

I am a small town girl from South Africa. I have always loved flowers, and nothing mends my heart and soul as much as working in the garden. I only realized later in life after moving to the USA and getting my hands dirty in my own garden, that my father planted those seeds. His love of farm living, knowledge of agriculture, and the warm tropical South African climate allowed my childhood to be surrounded with an abundance of fruit and vegetables all year round. The garden was filled with litchis, mandarins, bananas, lemons, cumquats, and the odd bit of coffee beans, all lovingly cultivated by my father. The smell of my favorite fruits, papaya, mango and avocado, and the scent of spring blossoms bring back vivid memories of the joy of biting into juicy fruits, picked while strolling through the trees.

There is something invigorating about planting something, watching it grow and experiencing the plants bearing flowers and fruit. Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the busyness of life, I find tranquillity in the garden.

My husband knows and understand my love for flowers, because every Mother’s Day we go to the local nursery as a family where I can choose new plants for the garden and flower baskets for the front porch. To me that is the ultimate treat.

It was only natural to start experimenting with flowers from my garden to use as elements in my jewelry making. I also wanted to try a new technique that uses leaves.

My mom and I searched through the garden to look for small leaves I could use. We picked a variety of leaves, but my eye caught the hydrangeas. Upon taking a closer look, I saw how intricate the veins were on the flower petals and decided to experiment with them.

It was the start of my journey of discovering the beauty and uniqueness of each petal. It reminded me of how delicate, beautiful and unique woman are, and gave me the desire to capture those qualities in my jewelry. With flowers only available during summer and early autumn, the window of creating the Collection was limited. I would spend nights on end developing a technique to preserve the petals in fine silver. Many failed attempts after going through days to complete the process, did not discourage me. It only lit a fire pushing me to continue refining and perfecting my technique. The joy of finding matching petals for a pair of earrings after hours of sorting and searching for mirror images, was more than enough to keep me going.

Each successfully created petal qualifies for this Exclusive, Limited Collection. My wish is for every woman wearing these elegant pieces, to be inspired by their own strength, beauty and uniqueness.

Be authentic, Shine Light Shine Bright!

I want to dedicate the Hydrangea Collection to the strongest women I know, my beautiful mother. Like a perfect hydrangea she’s not just one simple flower, but many flowers, each little petal intricately created and unique. She has bloomed in many places, and with her talents, blessed many people. She taught me everything I know and that you can do anything you set your mind to. She is loved, admired and treasured by so many, especially by me.

The Hydrangea Collection is a celebration of the inspiring beauty of nature, the One who created it and the beauty radiating from strong and confident women.

Thank you Neyssa Lee Photography for capturing this beautiful moment with my mother.


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